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Why Augmentor Labs?

Augmentor labs has a track record of providing bespoke, customized solutions for companies offering ElasticSearch based products to enable BYOK

With over 15 years of experience, we've partnered with some of the largest software vendors in the world, creating solutions at scale.

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BYOK compartmentalizes encryption keys on a multi-tenant server and reduces the likelihood of a breach that exposes all of your client’s data on a server.

  • Transparency and security.

    Full transparency and access to your encryption keys, so that even your online vendor cannot access your data.

  • Control over your data.

    Give your business the power to audit and encrypt its own data.

  • Save time and costs.

     The cloud-based nature of BYOK reduces set-up time and offloads maintenance costs to the vendor.

  • Easy compliance

    Guarantee security for your most sensitive data.

  • Simplify your infrastructure

    Reduce the need for an on-premise security infrastructure.


You have several options to deploy Elasticsearch with your tenants' keys

  • 1

    Node per tenant

    One node per tenant allows you to encrypt each node with the tenant's key providing you and the tenant with ultimate control over access and data.

    Node per tenant
  • 2

    Symlink to EcryptFS nodes

    Symlink to an encrypted dir saves on cost where you don't need a node per tenant and yet create boundaries between each tenant's data

    Symlink ecryptfs
  • 3

    Symlink to EFS nodes

    Symlink to EFS nodes takes it a step further and enables you to scale each tenant's storage without manual intervension

    Symlink efs

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